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Louies Wine Dive

 Louie's Wine Education

At Louie's Wine Dive, we do more than serve great wine, we learn about great wines every day. We do this through conversation – with winemakers, with each other, and most importantly, with our guests. We hope that the articles here will continue the discussion and help demystify the world of wine.


Grapes & Regions

Learn about wine grape varieties and the regions around the world where they grow best. 

Wine Terminology

The history of winemaking is also the history of trying to find the words to describe the amazing variety of flavors, aromas, and sensations in every wine glass.

Pairings & Recipes

Wine and food are the perfect combination - they both elevate the other and open up new possibilities for enjoying a good time with friends and family.


Louie's Wine Club
December 6, 2018 | Louie's Wine Club

Learn about your November wines: Chateau St. Georges St. Emilion

Chateau St. Georges ranks among the top producers in the satellite appellations located within Bordeaux's famous Merlot region of St. Emilion. The vineyard estate changed hands several times following the French Revolution until Petrus Desbois purchased it in 1891. Petrus Debois used the estate as a private family home and vineyard, and carefully enhanced its quality first by grafting new vines onto American rootstock thereby replacing the existing beleaguered vines with fresh.

Today, Chateau St. Georges is overseen by the third generation of Desbois family. Their Chateau St. Georges St. Emilion is aged 18 months in new French oak. The famed oenologist Michel Rolland guides this red blend of Merlot (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), and Cabernet Franc (20%) into a dark, rich, concentrated and silky wine that also shows terrific potential for aging. Chateau St. Georges pairs extremely well with fall and winter dishes, ranging from hard and soft cheeses to cassoulet, stews, and fish, to roasted chicken, pork and grilled beef. 

The 2009 Chateau St. Georges St. Emilion featured in the Diamond Club package in November 2018. Visit their site at chateau-saint-georges.com to learn more!

Louie's Wine Club
December 4, 2018 | Louie's Wine Club

Learn about your November wines: Seven Falls Rapids Red

Seven Falls Cellars was inspired by a series of seven waterfalls flowing through the Wahluke Slope (Native American for "Watering Hole") in eastern Washington. This is new wine country as wine regions go. Wahluke Slope was established an American Viticultural Area in just 2005. The entire appellation lies on a broad, south-facing slope with a constant, gentle grade of less than 8%. This, along with the proximity to the Columbia River, helps minimize the risk of frost, which can affect other areas of the state. Eastern Washington has little rainfall and is a warm if not hot climate for the classical wine grapes of Syrah, Merlot, and Cinsault that make up the Rapids Red blend.

Rapids Red is grown in an ancient flood plain with deep alluvial soils. The result is very ripe grapes, which is certiainly identifiable in the wine. Rapids Red features ripe red berries and flavors of dark cherry with a finish of anise and vanilla. This is a rich and smoothly textured wine. Rapids Red pairs really well with big cheeses, such as Caveman blue cheese, rich stews, lamb and flank steak. Whatever food you decide, make sure it's packed full of flavor to stand up to this ripe red wine!

The 2015 Seven Falls Rapids Red featured in the Platinum and Diamond Club packages in November 2018. Visit them at sevenfallscellars.com/our-story to learn more.

Louie's Wine Club
November 26, 2018 | Louie's Wine Club

Learn about your November wines: Bolla Torr'Alta

The 2012 Bolla Torr'alta Veronese Rosso featured in the Gold and Platinum Club packages in November 2018.

The vineyards of Bolla's Torr'alta reside within the famous and ancient winemaking province of Verona, Italy. They feature a soil composition of stone, calcareous clay, and basalt outcroppings, giving range and complexity to the vines and the resulting wine. The grape varietals of Corvina and Rondinella, featured alongside Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in this red blend, are lesser known outside the Veneto, but much loved by those natives who know them best. Corvina is known for its tart, cherry flavor. Rondinella is known for its rich ruby color and gentle, red berry aromas.

Torr'alta is made utilizing the traditional 'appassimento' style, meaning the grapes are laid to rest, typically on straw mats, and dried before pressing into wine. The thicker peel of indigenous grapes in Veneto allows for this long and slow drying process, preserving the characteristics of the grapes. Thought to have its origins in Roman times, the Appassimento leads to a higher concentration of the juice inside the berries, which then gives to the wine more body and structure.

This wine shows deep cherry flavors that are smooth and balanced on the palate with soft, velvety tannins. It pairs splendidly with soft and hard cheeses, pastas, and roasted and grilled meats.

To learn more, visit bolla.com/winery.

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