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December 4, 2018 | Club Wines, KC, STL | Louie's Wine Club

Learn about your wines: Seven Falls Rapids Red

Seven Falls Cellars was inspired by a series of seven waterfalls flowing through the Wahluke Slope (Native American for "Watering Hole") in eastern Washington. This is new wine country as wine regions go. Wahluke Slope was established an American Viticultural Area in just 2005. The entire appellation lies on a broad, south-facing slope with a constant, gentle grade of less than 8%. This, along with the proximity to the Columbia River, helps minimize the risk of frost, which can affect other areas of the state. Eastern Washington has little rainfall and is a warm if not hot climate for the classical wine grapes of Syrah, Merlot, and Cinsault that make up the Rapids Red blend.

Rapids Red is grown in an ancient flood plain with deep alluvial soils. The result is very ripe grapes, which is certiainly identifiable in the wine. Rapids Red features ripe red berries and flavors of dark cherry with a finish of anise and vanilla. This is a rich and smoothly textured wine. Rapids Red pairs really well with big cheeses, such as Caveman blue cheese, rich stews, lamb and flank steak. Whatever food you decide, make sure it's packed full of flavor to stand up to this ripe red wine!

The 2015 Seven Falls Rapids Red featured in the Platinum and Diamond Club packages in November 2018. Visit them at sevenfallscellars.com/our-story to learn more.


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