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January 16, 2019 | Club Wines | Louie's Wine Club

Learn about your January wines: Right Wave Pinot Noir

Right Wave is a fresh and fun Pinot Noir sourced in the Leyda Valley, located between the great Humboldt current and the awe inspiring Mt. Aconcagua. The Humboldt Current begins in the Antarctic and drives cold water north along the western coast of South America. This has the effect of cooling the Leyda Valley, creating that rare balance of temperature optimal for growing the delicate Pinot Noir grape.

Mt. Aconcagua rises in the southern Andes to the north and east. This mountain range, and Mt. Aconcagua in particular, are massive, rising to an elevation of 22,841 feet. My experience in this region remains one of wonderment. Unlike other well ventured wine regions, this land and its winemakers have many potential viticultural areas yet unplanted. If you learn the wines, such as the Terrunyo Concho y Toro we have featured, much value can be found in and around the Leyda Valley as much wine has yet to make it to large consumer markets such as the United States.

Chilean Pinot Noir is brighter, lighter & fresher in style than Pinot Noir from the traditional Burgundy region of France. Generally you will taste Bing cherry and cranberry. Best served with a slight chill.

To learn more, visit waveserieswines.com.

- Whitney Vinzant, President, Louie's Wine Dive


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